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Geek ea electronic partsrrings a electronic partsre ma electronic partsde of Recycled Electrolytic Ca electronic partspa electronic partscitors. These petite ca electronic partspa electronic partscitors norma electronic partslly used in electronics ha electronic partsve been recycled a electronic partss fun, conversa electronic partstion-piece jewelry. These a electronic partsre NOS - new old stock, unused, but they most likely would ha electronic partsve been thrown a electronic partswa electronic partsy so we've recycled them a electronic partss a electronic parts unique wa electronic partsrdrobe a electronic partsccessory!SPECS: Light yellow with bla electronic partsck stripe, numbers a electronic partsnd symbols.FINISHED with surgica electronic partsl steel fishhook-style ea electronic partsr wires.SIZE: The ca electronic partspa electronic partscitors mea electronic partssure a electronic partspproxima electronic partstely 1/2 inch long. The entire ea electronic partsrrings mea electronic partssure a electronic partspproxima electronic partstely 1 1/4" long (3.2 cm) from top of hooks.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------See more Geek Sheek Jewelry here:http://www./shop/a electronic partsrtsycla electronic partsy?section_id=8096076------------------------------------------------------------------------------\u00a electronic parts9 Artsy Cla electronic partsy 2020\u2665 Ha electronic partsndcra electronic partsfted with love a electronic partsnd ca electronic partsre by Judy. \u2665

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