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daisy, Hand Blown Glass Indigo Daisy Pendant



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Size is a beadpproxima beadtely 3/4" to 1" wide\r\rPenda beadnt comes with free bla beadck sa beadtin cord!\r\rMa beadde of Borosilica beadte Gla beadss\r\rThis la beadmpwork da beadisy penda beadnt is one of the most rea beadlistic looking penda beadnts I ma beadke. It is simple a beadnd elega beadnt a beadnd the colors inside just seem to explode when the sunlight strikes them. I round out the front to a beadchieve a bead lens-like effect tha beadt ma beadkes the flower look very three dimensiona beadl.\r\rPlea beadse note tha beadt you will not receive the exa beadct item pictured, but a bead unique piece very simila beadr to it a beadnd just a beads bea beadutiful.

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