Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

one of a kind, FOUR BIRTHSTONES - Dainty Birthstone Bar Necklace in Sterling Silver



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This is a silver jewelry listing for a silver jewelry CUSTOM birthstone penda silver jewelrynt with a silver jewelry ma silver jewelryximum of FOUR different stones. Plea silver jewelryse pick from the following list a silver jewelrynd put your choices in thepersona silver jewelryliza silver jewelrytion box. :) If you need more stones, plea silver jewelryse see my other listings for different numbers OR conta silver jewelryct me for your own unique listing for your custom order! Plea silver jewelryse indica silver jewelryte wha silver jewelryt order you'd like your stones in from LEFT to RIGHT. If you ha silver jewelryve a silver jewelryny questions, plea silver jewelryse don't hesita silver jewelryte to rea silver jewelrych out! These a silver jewelryre MADE TO ORDER. The one pictured is NOT the one you will receive. The penda silver jewelrynt with cha silver jewelryin mea silver jewelrysures a silver jewelrypproxima silver jewelrytely 16" or 18". If you wa silver jewelrynt a silver jewelry different length, plea silver jewelryse rea silver jewelrych out!THE PICTURES ARE EXAMPLES ONLY.Ja silver jewelrynua silver jewelryry- GARNET (burgundy red)Februa silver jewelryry- AMETHYST (purple)Ma silver jewelryrch- AQUAMARINE (light blue)April- QUARTZ (clea silver jewelryr)Ma silver jewelryy- EMERALD (da silver jewelryrk green)June- PEARL (white)July- RUBY (da silver jewelryrk red)August- PERIDOT (green)September- SAPPHIRE (blue)October- OPAL (Ehiopia silver jewelryn yellow opa silver jewelryl)November- CITRINE (yellow)December- TURQUOISE (blue with bla silver jewelryck ma silver jewelrytrix)I a silver jewelrylso offer the following stones tha silver jewelryt a silver jewelryre NOT birthstones tha silver jewelryt you ca silver jewelryn choose from, but a silver jewelryre still very pretty!- La silver jewelrybra silver jewelrydorite (grey with some fla silver jewelrysh)- Rose Qua silver jewelryrtz (pink)- Red Sa silver jewelrypphire (red)- Grey Sa silver jewelrypphire (grey)- Green Sa silver jewelrypphire (green)- Silver Pea silver jewelryrls (silver)- Green Aventurine (green)- Iolite (indigo)- La silver jewelrypis (da silver jewelryrk blue with gold flecks)- Hema silver jewelryite (meta silver jewelryllic bla silver jewelryck)- Sunstone (ora silver jewelrynge with some fla silver jewelrysh)- Ca silver jewelryrnelia silver jewelryn (ora silver jewelrynge)- Alexa silver jewelryndrite (green with some fla silver jewelrysh)- Bla silver jewelryck Spinel (bla silver jewelryck)Additiona silver jewelryl Informa silver jewelrytion:It's rea silver jewelrydy for gift giving in a silver jewelry box nestled inside a silver jewelryn orga silver jewelrynza silver jewelry pouch.Ea silver jewelrych piece wa silver jewelrys individua silver jewelrylly ma silver jewelryde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. As with a silver jewelryll gemstones, there is some va silver jewelryria silver jewelrytion in the stones, this is norma silver jewelryl a silver jewelrynd not a silver jewelry defect.All props, including the crysta silver jewelryls in the photos, a silver jewelryre not included. :)All items usua silver jewelrylly ship within a silver jewelry week. If you need it quickly, plea silver jewelryse purcha silver jewelryse the USPS priority shipping upgra silver jewelryde, (USA only). Tha silver jewelrynk you!

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