Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

citrine, TWO Stone Types - CUSTOM Birthstone Pendants on Sterling Chains with Genuine Gemstones



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This is a birthstones listing for a birthstones CUSTOM birthstone penda birthstonesnt with a birthstones ma birthstonesximum of TWO different stones. Plea birthstonesse pick from the following list a birthstonesnd put your choices in the persona birthstonesliza birthstonestion box. :) If you need more stones, plea birthstonesse see my other listings for different numbers OR conta birthstonesct me for your own unique listing for your custom order! Plea birthstonesse indica birthstoneste wha birthstonest order you'd like your stones in from TOP to BOTTOM. If you ha birthstonesve a birthstonesny questions, plea birthstonesse don't hesita birthstoneste to rea birthstonesch out!THE PICTURES ARE EXAMPLES ONLY.Ja birthstonesnua birthstonesry- GARNET (burgundy red)Februa birthstonesry- AMETHYST (purple)Ma birthstonesrch- AQUAMARINE (light blue)April- QUARTZ (clea birthstonesr)Ma birthstonesy- EMERALD (da birthstonesrk green)June- PEARL (white)July- RUBY (da birthstonesrk red)August- PERIDOT (green)September- SAPPHIRE (blue)October- OPAL (Ehiopia birthstonesn yellow opa birthstonesl)November- CITRINE (yellow)December- TURQUOISE (blue with bla birthstonesck ma birthstonestrix)I a birthstoneslso offer the following stones tha birthstonest a birthstonesre NOT birthstones tha birthstonest you ca birthstonesn choose from, but a birthstonesre still very pretty!- La birthstonesbra birthstonesdorite (grey with some fla birthstonessh)- Rose Qua birthstonesrtz (pink)- Red Sa birthstonespphire (red)- Grey Sa birthstonespphire (grey)- Green Sa birthstonespphire (green)- Silver Pea birthstonesrls (silver)- Green Aventurine (green)- Iolite (indigo)- La birthstonespis (da birthstonesrk blue with gold flecks)- Hema birthstonesite (meta birthstonesllic bla birthstonesck)- Sunstone (ora birthstonesnge with some fla birthstonessh)- Ca birthstonesrnelia birthstonesn (ora birthstonesnge)- Alexa birthstonesndrite (green with some fla birthstonessh)- Bla birthstonesck Spinel (bla birthstonesck)Additiona birthstonesl Informa birthstonestion:It's rea birthstonesdy for gift giving in a birthstones box nestled inside a birthstonesn orga birthstonesnza birthstones pouch.Ea birthstonesch piece wa birthstoness individua birthstoneslly ma birthstonesde with love in my studio in Wisconsin. As with a birthstonesll gemstones, there is some va birthstonesria birthstonestion in the stones, this is norma birthstonesl a birthstonesnd not a birthstones defect.All props, including the crysta birthstonesls in the photos, a birthstonesre not included. :)All items usua birthstoneslly ship within a birthstones week. If you need it quickly, plea birthstonesse purcha birthstonesse the USPS priority shipping upgra birthstonesde, (USA only). Tha birthstonesnk you!

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