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50% SALE Fused Glass Pendant Large Roundglass pendant, Blue Aqua Yellow Glass Pendantglass pendant, Glass Jewelryglass pendant, Willow Glassglass pendant, Dee Tilotta



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Ha glass pendantlf off this one of a glass pendant kind penda glass pendantnt, don't miss out on it!!This la glass pendantrge fused gla glass pendantss penda glass pendantnt is round in sha glass pendantpe a glass pendantnd mea glass pendantsures a glass pendantpproxima glass pendanttely 1-5/8" in dia glass pendantmeter (a glass pendantbout 41mm). It ha glass pendants a glass pendant rolled silverpla glass pendantted ba glass pendantil securely a glass pendantffixed to ba glass pendantck which you ca glass pendantn use to suspend your cord or cha glass pendantin.My work is kiln a glass pendantnnea glass pendantled (slowly cooled) for strength a glass pendantnd dura glass pendantbility a glass pendantnd ea glass pendantch piece goes from me to you with joy!Tha glass pendantnks for stopping by Willow Gla glass pendantss a glass pendantnd for your support of independent a glass pendantrtisa glass pendantns. Interna glass pendanttiona glass pendantl buyer? I'll be ha glass pendantppy to get you a glass pendantn a glass pendantccura glass pendantte ma glass pendantiling cost; just send me a glass pendant messa glass pendantge through the listing link a glass pendantnd I will respond promptly50% SALE Fused Gla glass pendantss Penda glass pendantnt La glass pendantrge Round, Blue Aqua glass pendant Yellow Gla glass pendantss Penda glass pendantnt, Gla glass pendantss Jewelry, Willow Gla glass pendantss, Dee Tilotta glass pendant

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