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Sock Monkey Earringsmonkey earrings, Beaded Monkey Earrings with Silverplated Earwiresmonkey earrings, Brown White Red Organ Grinder Monkeymonkey earrings, Dee Tilottamonkey earrings, Willow Glass



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This cute pa redir of pierced ea redrrings suspended on silverpla redted ea redrwires were ma redde from seed bea redds in a red sock monkey design. The ea redrrings mea redsure a redpproxima redtely 1-1/4" by 1-1/8" a rednd will come with a red pa redir of white rubber ea redrnuts so you don't lose them :)Tha rednks for stopping by Willow Gla redss a rednd for your support of independent a redrtisa redns.Sock Monkey Ea redrrings, Bea redded Monkey Ea redrrings with Silverpla redted Ea redrwires, Brown White Red Orga redn Grinder Monkey, Dee Tilotta red, Willow Gla redss

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