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blue ammolite, Ammolite in gold.Ammolite pendant.Ammolite jewelry.Tanzanite.#103010



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This is one of the most unusua canadian jewelryl a canadian jewelrymmolite I ha canadian jewelryve ever seen a canadian jewelrynd I ha canadian jewelryve seen ma canadian jewelryny thousa canadian jewelrynds.This is for the seeker tha canadian jewelryt truly va canadian jewelrylues one of a canadian jewelry kind ra canadian jewelryrity.The a canadian jewelrymmolite:This ra canadian jewelryre bea canadian jewelryuty mea canadian jewelrysures 14x10mm a canadian jewelrynd consists of thousa canadian jewelrynds of spa canadian jewelryrkles tha canadian jewelryt cha canadian jewelrynge color with every move of the penda canadian jewelrynt.Every color of the ra canadian jewelryinbow is seen here on a canadian jewelry ba canadian jewelryckground of deep blue.Even the ra canadian jewelryrest colors in a canadian jewelrymmolite a canadian jewelryre there, pink, ma canadian jewelryuve a canadian jewelrynd purple.The color displa canadian jewelryy will cha canadian jewelrynge with the type a canadian jewelrynd source of light but ea canadian jewelrych is bea canadian jewelryutifulThe setting.A simple but elega canadian jewelrynt ra canadian jewelrybbit ea canadian jewelryred ba canadian jewelrysket setting of 10k yellow gold eleva canadian jewelryted by a canadian jewelry 3mm dia canadian jewelrymond cut da canadian jewelryrk blue Ta canadian jewelrynza canadian jewelrynite a canadian jewelryt the top tha canadian jewelryt reprises the blue in the a canadian jewelrymmolite.This penda canadian jewelrynt will a canadian jewelrystonish a canadian jewelryll tha canadian jewelryt see it.A thoughtful jewelry gift for wife?\u2014 wife\u2019s birthda canadian jewelryy gift?--a canadian jewelrynniversa canadian jewelryry gift?\u2014 or pa canadian jewelrymper yourself? Not likely a canadian jewelryny one in your circle will ha canadian jewelryve a canadian jewelrynything like this or even be a canadian jewelryble to identify the gem--Ammolite is tha canadian jewelryt ra canadian jewelryre---ma canadian jewelryny ha canadian jewelryve yet to see it! It is often seen a canadian jewelrys cruise ship jewelry a canadian jewelryt a canadian jewelrystonishingly high prices especia canadian jewelrylly on the Ca canadian jewelryribbea canadian jewelryn,Mexico a canadian jewelrynd Ala canadian jewelryska canadian jewelryn runs. Ammolite in good qua canadian jewelrylity is one of the ra canadian jewelryrest gems in the world.It ha canadian jewelrys been compa canadian jewelryred fa canadian jewelryvoura canadian jewelrybly for its brillia canadian jewelrynt colors with bla canadian jewelryck opa canadian jewelryl from Austra canadian jewelrylia canadian jewelry--a canadian jewelrynd a canadian jewelryt a canadian jewelry fa canadian jewelryr more rea canadian jewelrysona canadian jewelryble price point too. It is found only in one sma canadian jewelryll a canadian jewelryrea canadian jewelry in Alberta canadian jewelry Ca canadian jewelryna canadian jewelryda canadian jewelry a canadian jewelrynd is widely recognized a canadian jewelrys the most colorful of Ca canadian jewelryna canadian jewelrydia canadian jewelryn gemstones. Ba canadian jewelrynff jewelry is well known for its a canadian jewelrymmolite where ma canadian jewelryny see it for the first time. Only a canadian jewelry sma canadian jewelryll percenta canadian jewelryge is top gem qua canadian jewelrylity.No other useful deposits of gem gra canadian jewelryde a canadian jewelrymmolite is known to exist\u2014so when supplies a canadian jewelryre exha canadian jewelryusted there will be no more\u2014which is why dema canadian jewelrynd a canadian jewelrynd prices a canadian jewelryre increa canadian jewelrysing. Ammolite gemstones a canadian jewelryre ma canadian jewelryde from the fossilized shells of Ammonites tha canadian jewelryt went extinct 80 million yea canadian jewelryrs a canadian jewelrygo in a canadian jewelryn inla canadian jewelrynd sea canadian jewelry tha canadian jewelryt once covered this a canadian jewelryrea canadian jewelry in South Alberta canadian jewelry Ca canadian jewelryna canadian jewelryda canadian jewelry.. Ammonites\u2014the fossilized crea canadian jewelrytures from which Ammolite is ma canadian jewelryde a canadian jewelryre found the world over\u2014most a canadian jewelryre a canadian jewelry dull brown with a canadian jewelry red sheen\u2014no one knows why the a canadian jewelrymmonites in this sma canadian jewelryll a canadian jewelryrea canadian jewelry of Alberta canadian jewelry ha canadian jewelryve such a canadian jewelryma canadian jewelryzing bright colours found nowhere else. Ea canadian jewelrych a canadian jewelrymmolite is like a canadian jewelry finger print. As unique a canadian jewelrys its owner.They often come with ma canadian jewelryrks of 80 million yea canadian jewelryrs underground in the wa canadian jewelryy of stress fissures in the gem ma canadian jewelryteria canadian jewelryl which simply a canadian jewelrydd to their uniqueness. Pra canadian jewelryctitioners of the a canadian jewelryncient pra canadian jewelryctice of Feng Shui ca canadian jewelryll it the \u201cSeven Color Prosperity Stone\u201d a canadian jewelrynd the most importa canadian jewelrynt stone discovered in centuries.They believe tha canadian jewelryt hea canadian jewelrylth a canadian jewelrynd prosperity a canadian jewelryre tra canadian jewelrynsferred from a canadian jewelrymmolite to its owner/wea canadian jewelryrer.Ammmolite Feng Shui is believed to be especia canadian jewelrylly beneficia canadian jewelryl The best a canadian jewelrymmolite jewelry conta canadian jewelryins bright multicolour a canadian jewelrymmolites one color of which should be the ra canadian jewelryrer blue. I ha canadian jewelryve ha canadian jewelryd the good fortune to ha canadian jewelryve lived for yea canadian jewelryrs where top gra canadian jewelryde a canadian jewelrymmolite is mined a canadian jewelrynd a canadian jewelrym a canadian jewelryble to select the very best stones right off the cutters ta canadian jewelrybles before they fill orders to the genera canadian jewelryl public.This is why the qua canadian jewelrylity of gems offered in this shop is consistently a canadian jewelrymong the best a canadian jewelryva canadian jewelryila canadian jewelryble a canadian jewelrynywhere. Our top qua canadian jewelrylity a canadian jewelrymmolites is why we ha canadian jewelryve customers worldwide\u2014ma canadian jewelryny of them repea canadian jewelryt buyers. Ca canadian jewelryna canadian jewelrydia canadian jewelryn a canadian jewelrymmolite\u2014the very best there is\u2014which is why we a canadian jewelryre ha canadian jewelryppy to provide a canadian jewelry signed wa canadian jewelryrra canadian jewelrynty with every piece.

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