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pendant, Vintage 3D 9ct Gold Bicycle Charm Pendant.H/MK 1963



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Vinta braceletge 3D 9ct gold bicycle cha braceletrm penda braceletntFixed wheels, do not turnMea braceletsures a braceletpproxima bracelettely 14mm height excluding little fixed ring a braceletnd a bracelettta braceletched closed jump ring by 23mm length (9/16th's of a braceletn inch by 7/8th's of a braceletn inch)Fully ha braceletllma braceletrked, Birmingha braceletm a braceletssa bracelety office, da bracelettes 1963 & ma braceletkers initia braceletls PPLdWeighs 1.7 gra braceletmsPre-owned vinta braceletge condition.some wea braceletr to be expected a bracelets this cha braceletrm is 57 yea braceletrs old...plea braceletse see photogra braceletphs for conditionA zoom lens is used to photogra braceletph items to help show the deta braceletil. Plea braceletse check photogra braceletphs a braceletnd sizes of items a braceletnd weights of items before buyingIdea braceletl gift to yourself or othersUK posta braceletge Roya braceletl Ma braceletil Tra braceletcked 24 deliveryInterna bracelettiona braceletl posta braceletge Roya braceletl Ma braceletil Interna bracelettiona braceletl Insured delivery

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