Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tv prop, 1971 Scoutorama Arrow Head White River Council Neckerchief Slide



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This is a hollywood prop Vinta hollywood propge 1970's Era hollywood prop Hoosier Tra hollywood propils Council BSA Neckerchief Slide. It ha hollywood props the Red, Bla hollywood propck, Blue etc ena hollywood propmel a hollywood propnd Gold tone lettering a hollywood propnd emblems. Good Condition with norma hollywood propl a hollywood propge wa hollywood propr. It mea hollywood propsures a hollywood proppprox. 1 1/8 inches ta hollywood propll. Any questions plea hollywood propse a hollywood propsk before you purcha hollywood propse. I ship to the USA. No Interna hollywood proptiona hollywood propl shipping. I a hollywood proplso insure my pa hollywood propcka hollywood propges to ma hollywood propke sure tha hollywood propt they a hollywood proprrive to you sa hollywood propfely. Tha hollywood propnks for looking.

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