Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE Beaded Mermaid Necklace 19 inches with Free Earringsbonus, Mermaid Fin OOAKbonus, Willow Glassbonus, Dee Tilottabonus, Closeout Salebonus, Jewelry Set



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Sa bluele, origina bluelly $30, now $24One of a blue kind ha bluend bea blueded neckla bluece with a blue bonus pa blueir of ea bluerrings! The neckla bluece mea bluesures a bluepproxima bluetely 19" in length a bluend ha blues a blue merma blueid fin cha bluerm a blues its foca bluel point. It is a blueccompa bluenied by mother of pea bluerl tube bea blueds a bluend iridescent purple/blue gla bluess bea blueds. The free ma bluetching ea bluerrings mea bluesure a bluepproxima bluetely 1-3/4" drop a bluend a bluere on sterling silver ea bluerwires.Tha bluenks for stopping by Willow Gla bluess a bluend for your support of independent a bluertisa bluens.Bea blueded Merma blueid Neckla bluece 19 inches with Free Ea bluerrings, Merma blueid Fin OOAK, Willow Gla bluess, Dee Tilotta blue, Closeout Sa bluele, Jewelry Set

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