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5 for 25 Fused Glass Pendant in Sunset Orange Whitesale, Glass Jewelrysale, Glass Pendantsale, Willow Glasssale, Dee Tilottasale, CLEARANCE SALE



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Below wholesa glassle from my closeout section.Fused gla glassss penda glassnts in strea glassks of sunset ora glassnge a glassnd white a glassrt gla glassss a glassnd mea glasssuring a glasspprox. 1-3/4" by 1" (42mm x 26mm). A la glassrge sterling silverpla glassted ba glassil is firmly a glassffixed to the ba glassck. You will get a glassll 5 penda glassnts in this listing. Kiln a glassnnea glassled (slowly cooled) for strength a glassnd dura glassbility. Ea glassch piece goes from me to you with joy!Tha glassnks for stopping by Willow Gla glassss a glassnd for your support of independent a glassrtisa glassns.5 for 25 Fused Gla glassss Penda glassnt in Sunset Ora glassnge White, Gla glassss Jewelry, Gla glassss Penda glassnt, Willow Gla glassss, Dee Tilotta glass, CLEARANCE SALE

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