Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE Vintage Glass Beaded Necklace from Italyvintage, Venetian Glass Bead Necklace 18 inches Pink and Frost with Goldtone vintage, Willow Glass



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Clea necklacera necklacence Sa necklaceleFrom my persona necklacel collection, here is a necklace vinta necklacege Venetia necklacen gla necklacess bea necklaceded neckla necklacece from Ita necklacely. Brought ba necklaceck by my husba necklacend yea necklacers a necklacego, it mea necklacesures a necklacepproxima necklacetely 18" in length a necklacend ha necklaces light pea necklacechy-pink a necklacend white frost 5mm gla necklacess bea necklaceds with gold tone sma necklaceller bea necklaceds sepa necklacera necklaceting the bea necklaced sections, a necklacend a necklace gold tone spring ring a necklacend jump ring closure.Perfect for a necklace gift or for a necklace trea necklacet for yourself :)Tha necklacenks for stopping by!SALE Vinta necklacege Gla necklacess Bea necklaceded Neckla necklacece from Ita necklacely, Venetia necklacen Gla necklacess Bea necklaced Neckla necklacece 18 inches Pink a necklacend Frost with Goldtone, Willow Gla necklacess

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