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Dichroic Glass Earringsjewelry, Frost White with Rainbow Dichroic Fused Glass Earringsjewelry, Dichroic Glass Jewelryjewelry, Willow Glassjewelry, Dee Tilottajewelry, OOAK



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One of a glass kind fused gla glassss ea glassrrings in opa glasslescent frost white with bits of ra glassinbow dichroic a glassnd suspended from sta glassinless steel ea glassrwires. The gla glassss ca glassbochons mea glasssure a glasspprox. 13mm (1/2") in dia glassmeter a glassnd I will include a glass pa glassir of rubber nuts for the ea glassrwires so you don't lose these bea glassuties!My work is kiln a glassnnea glassled (slowly cooled) for strength a glassnd dura glassbility a glassnd ea glassch piece goes from me to you with joy. Tha glassnks for stopping by Willow Gla glassss a glassnd for your support of independent a glassrtisa glassns.Dichroic Gla glassss Ea glassrrings, Frost White with Ra glassinbow Dichroic Fused Gla glassss Ea glassrrings, Dichroic Gla glassss Jewelry, Willow Gla glassss, Dee Tilotta glass, OOAK

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