Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

art deco inspired vintage collar pin brooch1990s 90s, fake marcasite look with black cab



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Vinta 1990s 90sge 80s/90s pin with a 1990s 90srt deco a 1990s 90snd fa 1990s 90sux ma 1990s 90srca 1990s 90ssite look with a 1990s 90s bla 1990s 90sck pla 1990s 90sstic ca 1990s 90sb in the center. Excellent condition, no fla 1990s 90sws. Mea 1990s 90ssures 2.25" wide a 1990s 90snd 1.25" ta 1990s 90sll.Ships in a 1990s 90s gift box.I combine shipping on multiple 1990s 90sorta 1990s 90sa 1990s 90sppa 1990s 90srel

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