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Beaded Ankle Bracelet Sea Turtleseahorse, Brown Porcelain and Green Glass 9 inchesseahorse, Beachy Coastal Ankletseahorse, Willow Glassseahorse, Dee Tilotta



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This bea ankletded a ankletnkle bra ankletcelet mea ankletsures the a ankletvera ankletge size of 9" from spring ring to jump ring closures which a ankletre sterling silver. The sea anklet turtle foca ankletl point bea ankletd is porcela ankletin a ankletnd is surrounded by gla ankletss bea ankletds (6mm) a ankletnd tra ankletde bea ankletds (4mm). I live on the Gulf Coa ankletst of Florida anklet a ankletnd this is pa ankletrt of my new Bea ankletch Collection.Tha ankletnks for stopping by Willow Gla ankletss a ankletnd for your support of independent a ankletrtisa ankletns.Bea ankletded Ankle Bra ankletcelet Sea anklet Turtle, Brown Porcela ankletin a ankletnd Green Gla ankletss 9 inches, Bea ankletchy Coa ankletsta ankletl Anklet, Willow Gla ankletss, Dee Tilotta anklet

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