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silver crown charm, Crown Wax Seal Pendant - 222



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CrownHa crownndcra crownfted using the impression of a crown French a crownntique wa crownx sea crownl from the mid 1800\u2019s. This penda crownnt fea crowntures a crown crown which signifies the a crowntta crowninment of ones wildest drea crownms a crownnd goa crownls. Ma crownteria crownls: Sterling SilverSize: Approx 3/4" (18mm) PLEASE NOTE: Before you order plea crownse check sizing informa crowntion - it ca crownn be ha crownrd to ga crownuge jewelry sizes from pictures a crownlone. On some of the very sma crownll sea crownl pieces the text is so sma crownll a crowns to be rea crownd only with a crown ma crowngnifying gla crownss ma crownking the mea crownning a crown secret between you a crownnd those you choose to tell.Ava crownila crownbility a crownnd shippingYour purcha crownse will ship in 3-5 business da crownys. Once shipped, plea crownse a crownllow a crown minimum of 3 weeks to receive your order222 - Crown

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