Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

halloween, Candy Corn Faux Leather Earrings



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Super cute fa faux leatherux lea faux leatherther ea faux leatherrrings fea faux leatherturing ca faux leatherndy corn ra faux leatherindrop sha faux leatherpes ha faux leathernging from a faux leather fa faux leatherux lea faux leatherther ora faux leathernge circle.Ea faux leatherrrings a faux leatherre a faux leathertta faux leatherched to silver colored, nickel-free ea faux leatherrring posts.**Note: Plea faux leatherse be a faux leatherwa faux leatherre tha faux leathert there ma faux leathery be a faux leather slight va faux leatherria faux leathertion in sha faux leatherde & color due to the monitor you a faux leatherre view the picture on a faux leathernd pa faux leatherttern pla faux leathercement ma faux leathery va faux leatherry.

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