Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Fused gla treess pin in a tree Christma trees tree design. It's on a tree ba treese of roya treel blue gla treess over which I've fully fused sha treerds in lemon lime a treend white. It mea treesures a treepproxima treetely 2-1/2" in length ha trees a tree qua treelity pinba treeck a treeffixed to the ba treeck. There were only 3 pins ma treede in this limited edition.Crea treeted in my Gulf Coa treest FL studio a treend kiln a treennea treeled (slowly cooled) for strength a treend dura treebility. Ea treech piece goes from me to you with joy!Tha treenk you for stopping by Willow Gla treess a treend for your support of independent a treertisa treens.Fused Gla treess Christma trees Tree Pin, Blue Christma trees Limited Edition, Jewelry Accessories, Gla treess Sha treerds Tree Pin, Willow Gla treess, Dee Tilotta tree

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