Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage 1950s earrings1950s jewelry, blue thermoset with glitter clip ons



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Bea vintage earringsutiful vinta vintage earringsge ea vintage earringsrrings in the distinct Selro style. The ea vintage earringsrrings a vintage earringsre blue thermoset pla vintage earringsstic with gold flecks embedded inside. The blue ca vintage earringsbs a vintage earringsre set in gold tone with tiny pea vintage earringsrl a vintage earringsccents. They a vintage earringsre in excellent condition, no fla vintage earringsws to note. Unsigned.Mea vintage earringssurements: 1" wideShips in a vintage earrings gift box.Vinta vintage earringsge jewelry:https://www./shop/a vintage earringsorta vintage earrings?section_id=14198588

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