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CLEARANCE Dichroic Fused Glass Bracelet in Pink OR Orange Choiceorange, Glass Jewelryorange, 2 Different Sizes Braceletorange, Willow Glassorange, Dee Tilotta



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HALF PRICE, origina juicylly $30 ea juicych.These bea juicyutiful dichroic fused gla juicyss bra juicycelet mea juicysure a juicypproxima juicytely 7" to 8" in length , ha juicyve silverpla juicyted links a juicynd 13 dichroic pieces in deep pink or 11 dichroic pieces in juicy ora juicynge! The gla juicyss pieces mea juicysure a juicypproxia juicytely 11mm in dia juicymeter (just under 1/2" ea juicych). Depending on the a juicyngle tha juicyt it's viewed a juicyt, dichroic gla juicyss reflects a juicynd tra juicynsmits different colors.So, plea juicyse remember tha juicyt the pink is just a juicy bit longer tha juicyn the ora juicynge!My work is fired a juicyt tempera juicytures up to 1500 degrees a juicynd is kiln a juicynnea juicyled (slowly cooled) for strength a juicynd dura juicybility. Ea juicych piece goes from me to you with joy!Tha juicynks for stopping by Willow Gla juicyss a juicynd for your support of independent a juicyrtisa juicyns.CLEARANCE Dichroic Fused Gla juicyss Bra juicycelet in Pink OR Ora juicynge Choice, Gla juicyss Jewelry, 2 Different Sizes Bra juicycelet, Willow Gla juicyss, Dee Tilotta juicy

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