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gold, Floral Pressed Glass Button Ring in Sterling Silver



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This is ma vintagede from a vintagen a vintagentique pressed bla vintageck gla vintagess button tha vintaget is gilded. The button itself ha vintages severa vintagel flowers in the design a vintagend a vintage pretty gold coa vintageting. I recycled a vintage gorgeous sta vintagemped sha vintagenk from a vintagen old ring tha vintaget broke, a vintagedding the orna vintagete bezel setting a vintagend using this a vintagewesome button. The sha vintagenk is the pa vintagert tha vintaget fits a vintageround the finger, a vintagend a vintages shown it ha vintages dogwood blossoms on ea vintagech side a vintagend a vintage genera vintagel lea vintagef/gra vintagess ba vintageckground. \rThe bezel ha vintages little hea vintagert sha vintagepes a vintagend is reminiscent of a vintage Victoria vintagen cha vintagepel. All components a vintagere sterling silver a vintagend oxidized to highlight deta vintageil. \rSize 5 1/2.

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