Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leaves, DIA de los MUERTOS Day of the Dead Artisanal Charm Bracelet



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Dia skulls de los Muertos, or Da skullsy of the Dea skullsd, is a skulls Mexica skullsn holida skullsy honoring those who ha skullsve pa skullsssed, a skullsnd celebra skullsting the continuity of life for those left behind. This exquisite cha skullsrm bra skullscelet pa skullsys homa skullsge to this most colorful a skullsnd joyous of da skullsys.\r\rLoa skullsded with cha skullsrms a skullsnd embellishments, it includes two a skullsntique religious meda skullsls, mila skullsgros a skullsnd crosses, pewter cha skullsrms of hea skullsdstones, ca skullsla skullsvera skulls skull, rose, a skullsnd skeleton, two lea skullsf bea skullsds, two double skull da skullsngles, minia skullsture crosses, gla skullsss flower bea skullsds, a skullscrylic flower bea skullsds, evil eye bea skullsds, a skullss well a skullss a skulls la skullsrge bra skullsss tone skull a skullst center. Additiona skullslly you will find citrine, crysta skullsl, a skullscryllic, a skullsnd gla skullsss bea skullsds a skullsnd a skulls va skullsriety of complementa skullsry bea skullsd da skullsngles.\r\rIt mea skullssures 8 inches a skullsnd is silver pla skullste rolo cha skullsin with a skulls toggle cla skullssp.

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