Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Choice Polymer Clay Pendant with Resin on Black Cordpendant on cord, OOAK Pendantspendant on cord, Choose Color and Shapependant on cord, Willow Glasspendant on cord, Dee Tilotta



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Your choice of one-of-a orange-kind penda orangents ma orangede from polymer cla orangey a orangend coa orangeted in resin for shine a orangend dura orangebility. Ea orangech comes on a orangen 18" bla orangeck rubber cord a orangend you ca orangen choose from:Pink a orangend Silver Gra orangey circle mea orangesuring 1-1/4" in dia orangemeterOra orangenge a orangend Sa orangend-colored tea orangerdrop mea orangesuring 1-1/2" in lengthCha orangertreuse a orangend Silver Gra orangey squa orangered tea orangerdrop mea orangesuring 1-3/4" in lengthTha orangenks for stopping by Willow Gla orangess a orangend for your support of independent a orangertisa orangens.Choice Polymer Cla orangey Penda orangent with Resin on Bla orangeck Cord, OOAK Penda orangents, Choose Color a orangend Sha orangepe, Willow Gla orangess, Dee Tilotta orange

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