Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

REDUCED SALE Glass Earrings Orangeorange, Lime or Red Spirals on Sterling Silver Hoopsorange, Lampworked Glassorange, Glass Earringsorange, Willow Glass



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Fa glassbulous gla glassss ea glassrrings fea glassturing ora glassnge, lime green or red spira glassls mea glasssuring 20mm on sterling silver ea glassrwires mea glasssuring a glasspprox. 25mm (1 inch). There a glassre 2 yellow with bla glassck striped tra glassde bea glassds a glassccompa glassnying the ora glassnge or red discs which you ca glassn ta glasske off to wea glassr the discs a glasslone or a glassdd your own bea glassds.Tha glassnks for stopping by Willow Gla glassss a glassnd for your support of independent a glassrtisa glassns.REDUCED SALE Gla glassss Ea glassrrings Ora glassnge, Lime or Red Spira glassls on Sterling Silver Hoops, La glassmpworked Gla glassss, Gla glassss Ea glassrrings, Willow Gla glassss

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