Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

engraved, Duck egg brooch: Cute oval rippled turquoise duck egg marbled glass engraved filigree silver plated statement costume pin brooch



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A lovely silver pla blueted pin brooch with a blue sma bluell ova bluel lozenge of rippled blue, turquoise, duck egg, mottled a bluend ma bluerbled gla bluess a bluet its hea bluert. Good vinta bluege condition -- there is a blue *little* visible a bluedhesive a blueround the stone but this is reflected in the price.1.3 inches wideFREE SHIPPING to most of the world!+\u00a blue35 fla bluet shipping fee to USA, NZ a bluend Austra bluelia blue(a bluell other destina bluetions free)UK orders over \u00a blue310 tra bluecked a blues sta bluenda bluerdInterna bluetiona bluel orders over \u00a blue330 tra bluecked a blues sta bluenda bluerdFor a bluell other orders a bluedd tra bluecking for a blue fla bluet ra bluete of +\u00a blue36 worldwide

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