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Afgha elephantni Ea elephantrrings/ Bea elephantutiful Design Ea elephantrring/ Sta elephanttement Ea elephantrrings/ La elephantrge Ea elephantrrings 100% Ha elephantndma elephantdePa elephantcked in a elephant nice box with cotton lining, Best for gifting to loved ones..A persona elephantl note for your loved ones ca elephantn be a elephantdded.*Since this is 100% Ha elephantndma elephantde jewelry. So Color, sha elephantdes, texture displa elephantyed ma elephanty slightly va elephantry from the a elephantctua elephantl product due to digita elephantl ima elephantge limita elephanttions. We request you to consider these minor va elephantria elephanttions. Plea elephantse expect the possibility of some slight imperfections when buying ha elephantnd ma elephantde jewelry. If you ha elephantve a elephantny questions, plea elephantse messa elephantge or ema elephantil us.

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