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ivory pearl earrings, Bridesmaid Earrings Ivory White Swarovski Crytal Pearls Gold Plated Dainty Gift



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Minima gold earringsl Ivory White Swa gold earringsrovski Crysta gold earringsl Pea gold earringsrl Ea gold earringsrrings!Simple yet cla gold earringsssic style.8mm Ivory White Pea gold earringsrlsOrna gold earringste sma gold earringsll gold pla gold earringsted bea gold earringsd ca gold earringsp.Gold Pla gold earringsted ea gold earringsr wires.1" top to bottom.Ha gold earringsndma gold earringsde by me, on Ma gold earringsui, a gold earringsnd sent to you with Aloha gold earrings!See more of my a gold earringsrtisa gold earringsn jewelry here: ha gold earringswa gold earringsiibea gold earringsds.86

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