Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tribal jewelry, Antique Necklace/ Oxidized Jewelry/ German Silver Jewelry/ Tribal Necklace/ Handmade Necklace/ Lab Stone



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Antique Neckla bohoce/ Oxidized Jewelry/ Germa bohon Silver Jewelry/ Triba bohol Neckla bohoce/ Ha bohondma bohode Neckla bohoce 100% Ha bohondma bohodePa bohocked in a boho nice box with cotton lining, Best for gifting to loved ones..A persona bohol note for your loved ones ca bohon be a bohodded.*Since this is 100% Ha bohondma bohode jewelry. So Color, sha bohodes, texture displa bohoyed ma bohoy slightly va bohory from the a bohoctua bohol product due to digita bohol ima bohoge limita bohotions. We request you to consider these minor va bohoria bohotions. Plea bohose expect the possibility of some slight imperfections when buying ha bohond ma bohode jewelry. If you ha bohove a bohony questions, plea bohose messa bohoge or ema bohoil us.

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