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lawyer, BEN MATLOCK Mystery Quote Pin



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I a stocking stufferm introducing a stocking stuffer new pin to the mystery quote line, na stocking stuffermely this one of folksy, ca stocking stuffernta stocking stuffernkerous, Atla stocking stuffernta stocking stuffer a stocking stufferttorney, Benja stocking stuffermin Ma stocking stuffertlock. Andy Griffith sta stocking stufferrred in the title role in this clever, Perry Ma stocking stufferson-style lega stocking stufferl dra stocking stufferma stocking stuffer tha stocking stuffert a stocking stufferired from September 23, 1986, to Ma stocking stuffery 8, 1992, on NBC; a stocking stuffernd from November 5, 1992, until Ma stocking stuffery 7, 1995, on ABC. Ha stocking stufferrva stocking stufferrd educa stocking stufferted a stocking stuffernd Georgia stocking stuffer born a stocking stuffernd bred, he is known for his thrift a stocking stuffernd fondness for hot dogs.This clever pin is the perfect gift for the Ma stocking stuffertlock fa stocking stuffern in your life. The fifth in a stocking stuffer series of Detective Quote pins, it fea stocking stuffertures a stocking stuffer stylized version of Griffith's fa stocking stuffermous likeness a stocking stuffernd the quote, "I'd sooner ea stocking stuffert a stocking stuffer live chicken tha stocking stuffern be your la stocking stufferwyer."Ma stocking stufferde of a stocking stuffer dura stocking stufferble ha stocking stufferrd pla stocking stufferstic, it is coa stocking stufferted with a stocking stuffer ma stocking stuffertte, a stocking stuffercrylic sea stocking stufferler a stocking stuffernd mea stocking stuffersures a stocking stufferpproxima stocking stuffertely 1-1/4" x 1-3/4". A ba stocking stufferr type pin is a stocking stufferffixed to the ba stocking stufferck with jewelry cement. Wea stocking stufferr it on shirts, swea stocking stufferters, ja stocking stufferckets, coa stocking stufferts or a stocking stufferffix to a stocking stuffer purse or ha stocking stuffert. Fun! This item comes professiona stocking stufferlly pa stocking stuffercka stocking stufferged a stocking stuffernd sea stocking stufferled in a stocking stuffer clea stocking stufferr envelope, perfect for gift giving. Grea stocking stuffert gift for a stocking stuffer la stocking stufferw student. Ma stocking stufferkes a stocking stuffer grea stocking stuffert stocking stuffer!NOTE: Ea stocking stufferch item I offer is a stocking stuffern individua stocking stufferlly ha stocking stufferndcra stocking stufferfted, minia stocking stufferture work of a stocking stufferrt a stocking stuffernd should be trea stocking stufferted a stocking stuffers such. This pin, though coa stocking stufferted with a stocking stuffer ha stocking stufferrd gloss sea stocking stufferler is wa stocking stufferter resista stocking stuffernt, but not wa stocking stufferterPROOF, a stocking stuffernd beca stocking stufferuse it is pla stocking stufferstic should not be exposed to hea stocking stuffert, stea stocking stufferm, fire or fla stocking stufferme. Do not wea stocking stufferr in the ba stocking stufferth, sa stocking stufferuna stocking stuffer, or when involved in sports. Copyright Pa stocking stufferttie Tierney Mystery Jewelry 2014

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