Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

chip bead necklace, sale vintage boho seed and shell chip bead necklace in natural brown tones



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Vinta hippie necklacege bea hippie necklaced chip neckla hippie necklacece ma hippie necklacede of a hippie necklace shell a hippie necklacend seeds in na hippie necklacetura hippie necklacel brown tones with silver spa hippie necklacecers. The neckla hippie necklaceces mea hippie necklacesures 17.5" long. Closes with a hippie necklace ba hippie necklacerrel cla hippie necklacesp. Excellent condition, no fla hippie necklacews to note.Ships in a hippie necklace gift box.I combine shipping on multiple items.

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