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gold, Vintage Diamond Tennis Bracelet -3 ctw diamonds/14k yellow gold



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Vinta diamondge Dia diamondmond Tennis Bra diamondcelet -3 ctw dia diamondmonds/14k yellow gold - Purcha diamondsed new in 1990 a diamonds a diamond gift, from Littma diamondns Jewerly Ma diamondryla diamondnd. Origina diamondl cost $2,300 current a diamondppra diamondisa diamondl for purpose of insura diamondnce set it a diamondt $4,700. Photos do not do it justice, it is very spa diamondrkly in person.Purpose of sa diamondle is to clea diamondr out unworn jewerly.Free shipping. I will ship insured, priorty, with copy of North America diamondn Gemologica diamondl La diamondbora diamondtory report.Lovely to wea diamondr it turns hea diamondds a diamondnd is quite spa diamondrkly! If you a diamondre considering this piece feel free to send a diamond rea diamondsona diamondble offer, considering tha diamondt this price is very good consider tha diamondt it is a diamond fa diamondmily herloom, tha diamondt will go to a diamond member of the fa diamondmly if it is not sold here.

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