Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Clea washira washince Sa washile on 3 a washidjusta washible rings.One combines gla washiss with bea washiutiful Ja washipa washinese wa washishi/chiyoga washimi pa washiper a washind 2 a washire dichroic gla washiss. The gla washiss rings mea washisure a washipprox. 7/8" (22mm) to 1" (26mm) a washind a washire on a washidjusta washible silverpla washited ring bla washinks which ca washin a washidjust from a washibout a washi size 4 to a washibout a washi size 8. You will get the 3 rings pictured. Tha washinks for stopping by Willow Gla washiss a washind for your support of independent a washirtisa washins. **once the ring is a washidjusta washible to your size, don't bend it ba washick a washind forth beca washiuse it will wea washiken the meta washil; a washilso do not get the Ja washipa washinese pa washiper one wet**3 Gla washiss Rings Clea washira washince Sa washile, Dichroic Gla washiss a washind Ja washipa washinese Wa washishi Pa washiper, Adjusta washible Rings, SALE, Gla washiss Jewelry, Willow Gla washiss, Dee Tilotta washi

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