Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Glass Earrings in Bits Of Frit OR Rainbow Sprinklessterling silver, Lampworked Glass Earringssterling silver, Glass Jewelrysterling silver, Willow Glasssterling silver, Dee Tilottta



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One-of-a earrings-kind pa earringsir of la earringsmpworked gla earringsss ea earringsrrings fea earringsturing drops of multi colored frit (teeny tiny pieces of gla earringsss) on a earrings ba earringsse of tra earringsnspa earringsrent pea earringsch a earringsrt gla earringsss OR choose multi colored ra earringsinbow sprinkles on a earrings ba earringsse of pinkish-la earringsvender a earringsrt gla earringsss. The ea earringsrrings drop a earringspproxima earringstely 1-1/4" (30mm) in tota earringsl length a earringsnd a earringsre suspended on sterling silver ea earringsrwires with crysta earringsl a earringsccent bea earringsds. Tha earringsnks for stopping by Willow Gla earringsss a earringsnd for your support of independent a earringsrtisa earringsns.Gla earringsss Ea earringsrrings in Bits of Frit OR Ra earringsinbow Sprinkles, La earringsmpworked Gla earringsss Ea earringsrrings, Gla earringsss Jewelry, Willow Gla earringsss, Dee Tilotta earrings

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