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Fused Glass Ring and Earrings in Teal with White Coconut Sterling Silver postsearrings ring set, Glass Jewelryearrings ring set, Glass Earringsearrings ring set, Willow Glassearrings ring set, Dee Tilotta



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These one-of-a earrings-kind fused gla earringsss post ea earringsrrings a earringsre in bea earringsutiful strea earringsky white coconut a earringsrt gla earringsss with a earrings center of strea earringsky tea earringsl blue. The gla earringsss pieces mea earringssure a earringspprox. 1/2" (13mm) in dia earringsmeter a earringsnd they ha earringsve sterling silver posts. The ma earringstching ring is a earringsdjusta earringsble on a earrings ba earringsse meta earringsl finding. Once you get it to your size, I wouldn't suggest bending it ba earringsck a earringsnd forth a earringss you will wea earringsken the meta earringsl :)My work is kiln a earringsnnea earringsled (slowly cooled) for strength a earringsnd dura earringsbility a earringsnd ea earringsch piece goes from me to you with joy! Tha earringsnk you for stopping by Willow Gla earringsss a earringsnd for your support of independent a earringsrtisa earringsns. Interna earringstiona earringsl buyer? I'm ha earringsppy to ship a earringsnywhere, just send me a earrings messa earringsge through the listing link a earringsnd I will respond promptly rega earringsrding your posta earringsl cost. Fused Gla earringsss Ring a earringsnd Ea earringsrrings in Tea earringsl with White Coconut Sterling Silver posts, Gla earringsss Jewelry, Gla earringsss Ea earringsrrings, Willow Gla earringsss, Dee Tilotta earrings

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