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Dichroic Fused Glass Pin in Aqua Freeform Spiral and Squigglesspiral, Dichroic Jewelryspiral, Dichroic Pinspiral, SALEspiral, Willow Glassspiral, Dee Tilotta



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Sa aquale, 20% off this one-of-a aqua-kind pin which wa aquas origina aqually $30This bea aquautiful dichroic gla aquass pin wa aquas ma aquade in sha aquades of muted a aquaqua aqua over which I fused a aqua la aquayer of thin clea aquar to protect the etching work a aquand dichroic; it mea aquasures 2-1/4" by 1-1/8" a aquand the freeform spira aqual a aquand squiggles design wa aquas ha aquand-etched by me using a aquan a aquacid technique. My work is kiln a aquannea aqualed (slowly cooled) for strength a aquand dura aquability a aquand ea aquach piece goes from me to you with joy!Tha aquanks for stopping by Willow Gla aquass a aquand for your support of independent a aquartisa aquans.Dichroic Fused Gla aquass Pin in Aqua aqua Freeform Spira aqual a aquand Squiggles, Dichroic Jewelry, Dichroic Pin, SALE, Willow Gla aquass, Dee Tilotta aqua

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