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pendant, Lovely UnoAErre 9ct Gold Crucifix Cross Charm Pendant



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Lovely UnoAErre 9ct gold crucifix cross cha pendantrm penda pendantntMea pendantsures a pendantpproxima pendanttely 21mm height excluding the little fixed ring a pendantnd ba pendantil ring by 13mm width (13/16th's of a pendantn inch by 1/2 a pendantn inch)Ha pendantllma pendantrked UnoAErre & 375 on the a pendanttta pendantched ba pendantil ringUnoAErre Ita pendantlia pendant is a pendant goldsmith, jewelry a pendantnd wa pendanttch ma pendantking compa pendantny ba pendantsed in Arezzo, Ita pendantly.Weighs 0.7 gra pendantmPre-owned...plea pendantse see photogra pendantphs for conditionA zoom lens is used to photogra pendantph items to help show the deta pendantil. Plea pendantse check photogra pendantphs a pendantnd sizes of items a pendantnd weights of items before buyingIdea pendantl gift to yourself or othersUK posta pendantge Roya pendantl Ma pendantil Tra pendantcked 24 deliveryInterna pendanttiona pendantl posta pendantge Roya pendantl Ma pendantil Interna pendanttiona pendantl Insured delivery

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