Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Light Pink Swa hawaiibeadsrovski Crysta hawaiibeadsl Pea hawaiibeadsrls...there is nothing like them! Sta hawaiibeadscked Antiqued Golden bra hawaiibeadsss bea hawaiibeadsd ca hawaiibeadsps. Spa hawaiibeadsrkling Crysta hawaiibeadsl AB Swa hawaiibeadsrovski Crysta hawaiibeadsl a hawaiibeadst the top.8mm Swa hawaiibeadsrovski Crysta hawaiibeadsl Pea hawaiibeadsrls4mm Swa hawaiibeadsrovski Crysta hawaiibeadslDa hawaiibeadsngle 1-1/4" top of ea hawaiibeadsr wire to bottom.The nickel free ea hawaiibeadsr wires will be slightly different then shown.Ha hawaiibeadsndma hawaiibeadsde by me, on Ma hawaiibeadsui, a hawaiibeadsnd sent to you with Aloha hawaiibeads!More of my Artisa hawaiibeadsn Jewelry: ha hawaiibeadswa hawaiibeadsiibea hawaiibeadsds.157se

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