Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Fa back to schoolceted Blue Qua back to schoolrtz a back to schoolnd Oxidized Sterling Silver Bra back to schoolcelet.Boho Bohemia back to schooln design.Da back to schoolrk orna back to schoolte, Sterling Silver Bea back to schoolds, a back to schoolnd spa back to schoolcers.Lobster cla back to schoolsp a back to schoolnd extension cha back to schoolin.Fits size 7-8 (cla back to schoolsps a back to schoolt 7.5 a back to schoolnd 8.25")8mm Stone bea back to schoolds.Da back to schoolrk Denim Blue.Oxidized da back to schoolrk Sterling Silver findings.Sent to you with Aloha back to schoolMore of my Artisa back to schooln Jewelry: ha back to schoolwa back to schooliibea back to schoolds.

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