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book, Vintage Inspired Book Locket Necklace



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This da beadsrling vinta beadsge book locket neckla beadsce is sure to delight a beadsnyone who loves to dive in to a beads good book!Copper colored locket is filled with two book pa beadsge cut outs from a beads book copyrighted in 1860. Locket mea beadssures 3/4" ta beadsll a beadsnd is a beadsdorned with a beads vinta beadsge blue a beadsnd white ca beadsbochon. Locket ha beadsngs from a beads contempora beadsry copper colored bow which is a beadstta beadsched to a beadsn a beadsntique bronze 26" cha beadsin which a beadslso fea beadstures light blue contempora beadsry bea beadsds.**Note: Plea beadsse be a beadswa beadsre tha beadst there ma beadsy be a beads slight va beadsria beadstion in sha beadsde & color due to the monitor you a beadsre viewing the picture on. Also, a beadsll lockets ha beadsve different book pa beadsges inside a beadsnd a beadsre not a beadsdhered to the inside of the locket in the event you wa beadsnt to pla beadsce your own lovely pictures/pa beadsper inside. xo

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