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sterling silver, Lapis Gemstone Earrings Lapis Lazuli Blue Stone Sterling Silver Bold Earrings



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Incredible 12mm La bold earringspis La bold earringszuli gemstone bea bold earringsds. Deep blue color with sprinkles of pyrite. These a bold earringsre not a bold earrings solid color, they a bold earringsre much more interesting tha bold earringsn tha bold earringst! Sterling Silver Ba bold earringsli Bea bold earringsd Ca bold earringsps, a bold earringsnd sterling bea bold earringsd a bold earringsccent.Lever Ba bold earringsck ea bold earringsr wires.1-5/8 inch top to bottom.Ha bold earringsndma bold earringsde by me, on Ma bold earringsui, a bold earringsnd sent to you with Aloha bold earrings!

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