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Fused Glass Post Earrings in Aqua Greenbeachy, Sterling Silver postsbeachy, 2 Pairsbeachy, Glass Jewelrybeachy, Glass Earringsbeachy, Willow Glassbeachy, Dee Tilotta



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This listing is for 2 pa fused glassirs of these fused gla fused glassss post ea fused glassrrings in bea fused glassutiful strea fused glassky a fused glassqua fused glass a fused glassnd green a fused glassrt gla fused glassss. One for you a fused glassnd one for a fused glass friend! It wa fused glasss the la fused glassst I ha fused glassve of this pretty gla fused glassss so I ma fused glassde two pa fused glassirs. The gla fused glassss pieces mea fused glasssure a fused glasspprox. 1/2" (13mm) in dia fused glassmeter a fused glassnd they ha fused glassve sterling silver posts. My work is kiln a fused glassnnea fused glassled (slowly cooled) for strength a fused glassnd dura fused glassbility a fused glassnd ea fused glassch piece goes from me to you with joy! Tha fused glassnk you for stopping by Willow Gla fused glassss a fused glassnd for your support of independent a fused glassrtisa fused glassns. Fused Gla fused glassss Post Ea fused glassrrings in Aqua fused glass Green, Sterling Silver posts, 2 Pa fused glassirs, Gla fused glassss Jewelry, Gla fused glassss Ea fused glassrrings, Willow Gla fused glassss, Dee Tilotta fused glass

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