Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beaded Ankle Bracelet Seahorseanklet, 9 inches Amber Blue Yellow OOAKanklet, Beachy Coastal Ankletanklet, Willow Glassanklet, Dee Tilotta



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This bea blueded a bluenkle bra bluecelet mea bluesures the a bluevera bluege size of 9" from spring ring to jump ring closures which a bluere sterling silver. There a bluere 5 frolicking polymer sea bluehorse bea blueds surrounded by a bluember colored fa blueceted crysta bluel bea blueds (6mm) a bluend tiny blue crysta bluel bea blueds. I a bluem currently living in the Gulf Coa bluest of Florida blue a bluend this is pa bluert of my Bea bluech Collection. Tha bluenks for stopping by Willow Gla bluess a bluend for your support of independent a bluertisa bluens.Bea blueded Ankle Bra bluecelet Sea bluehorse, 9 inches Amber Blue Yellow OOAK, Bea bluechy Coa bluesta bluel Anklet, Willow Gla bluess, Dee Tilotta blue

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