Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Art Deco Style Ea crystal earringsrrings.Gorgeous Blue Iris Vinta crystal earringsge Swa crystal earringsrovski Crysta crystal earringsls. Deep blue with fla crystal earringsshes of purple a crystal earringsnd green. Swinging below gra crystal earringsceful long a crystal earringsntiqued golden Art Nouvea crystal earringsu style da crystal earringsngles.The ea crystal earringsrrings mea crystal earringssure 1- 3/4" below the ea crystal earringsr wires.The Vinta crystal earringsge crysta crystal earringsls a crystal earringsre petite 7mm in size.Antiqued Golden color throughout. Nickel free.I a crystal earringsm ha crystal earringsppy to switch to french or clip on ea crystal earringsr wires if you prefer.Sent to you with Aloha crystal earringsMore of my Artisa crystal earringsn Jewelry: ha crystal earringswa crystal earringsiibea crystal earringsds.

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