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Glass Picture Frame Pendant with Japanese Paper and Ball Chainwillow glass, Clearance Salewillow glass, Washiwillow glass, Chiyogami Willow Glasswillow glass, Dee Tilotta



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Double fra salemed gla saless penda salent with one-of-a sale-kind Ja salepa salenese wa saleshi pa saleper. It ca salen be worn a sales it is or you ca salen sea salel your own photos or ima saleges between the 2 pa salenes of clea saler gla saless to ma saleke custom memory jewelry. The penda salent is a salepproxima saletely 6mm thick with a sale la salerge 7mm ba saleil. The penda salent is 101/4" squa salere (mea salesurement does not include the ba saleil). The ba salell cha salein is included a salend mea salesures a salepprox. 22". Ha salendle with ca salere a salend the penda salent is not designed to be opened a salend closed repea saletedly. It is ma salede of gla saless a salend bra saless with a sale nickle pla saleted finish. Don't expose the penda salent to wa saleter :) Tha salenks for stopping by Willow Gla saless a salend for your support of independent a salertisa salens. Interna saletiona salel buyer? I'll be ha saleppy to get you a salen a saleccura salete ma saleiling cost, just send me a sale messa salege a salend I will respond promptly!Gla saless Picture Fra saleme Penda salent with Ja salepa salenese Pa saleper a salend Ba salell Cha salein, Clea salera salence Sa salele, Wa saleshi, Chiyoga salemi Willow Gla saless, Dee Tilotta saleTips: Use these for your own photos! La salemina salete your ima salege to ma saleke it more dura saleble or use decoupa salege, ima salege tra salensfer or other techniques to fill the fra saleme. After your work is in pla salece, epoxy the hinged fra saleme shut for best results.

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