Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Fused Glass Ringsfused glass ring, Glass Jewelryfused glass ring, 4 Adjustable Glass Ringsfused glass ring, SALEfused glass ring, OOAKfused glass ring, Willow Glassfused glass ring, Dee Tilotta



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4 fused gla jewelryss rings crea jewelryted in my Gulf Coa jewelryst FL studio from a jewelryrt gla jewelryss in va jewelryrious colors a jewelrys pictured. These mea jewelrysure a jewelrypprox. 21mm (the round - just over 3/4") a jewelrynd 21mm by 18" (the ova jewelryls). They a jewelryre securely a jewelryffixed to a jewelrydjusta jewelryble meta jewelryl ring ba jewelryses which will ra jewelrynge in size from a jewelrypproxima jewelrytely size 4 to 8. Clea jewelryra jewelrynce Sa jewelryle priced for Summer fun!Once you ha jewelryve the ring a jewelryt the correct size, I don't a jewelrydvise bending it ba jewelryck a jewelrynd forth a jewelrys you will wea jewelryken the meta jewelryl. Tha jewelrynks for stopping by Willow Gla jewelryss a jewelrynd for your support of independent a jewelryrtisa jewelryns.* to keep the ca jewelrybs securely a jewelryffixed to the ring ba jewelryses, I don't suggest wea jewelryring them in wa jewelryter *Fused Gla jewelryss Rings, Gla jewelryss Jewelry, 4 Adjusta jewelryble Gla jewelryss Rings, SALE, OOAK, Willow Gla jewelryss, Dee Tilotta jewelry

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