Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Da copper pearlinty Copper Swa copper pearlrovski Crysta copper pearll Pea copper pearlrl ea copper pearlrrings.Wedding, office, every da copper pearly wea copper pearlr!8mm Swa copper pearlrovski Pea copper pearlrls3mm Copper Swa copper pearlrovski Crysta copper pearll a copper pearlccents.Antiqued Copper bea copper pearld ca copper pearlps.Antiqued copper ea copper pearlr wires, nickel a copper pearlnd lea copper pearld free. Ea copper pearlr wires ma copper pearly va copper pearlry slightly from the photo.1-3/8" top to bottom.More of my Artisa copper pearln Jewelry: ha copper pearlwa copper pearliibea copper pearlds.87

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