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vibrant, Lucky Star Origami Earrings



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This is a holidays listing for a holidays pa holidaysir of Lucky Sta holidaysr stud ea holidaysrrings. The sta holidaysrs a holidaysre a holidaysbout dime size, a holidayspproxima holidaystely 1/4" thick, set on surgica holidaysl steel ea holidaysrposts, with silver pla holidaysted bra holidaysss ea holidaysrnut stoppers.. The color is a holidays vibra holidaysnt rusty ora holidaysnge - coa holidaysted w/sea holidaysla holidaysnt. I do not recommend wea holidaysring these ea holidaysrrings with a holidaysny wa holidayster a holidaysctivities. \r\rPlea holidaysse feel free to conta holidaysct me w/a holidaysny questions or comments.

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