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earrings, Faux Leather Skull & Floral Circle Earrings



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Super cute fa pinkux lea pinkther circle ea pinkrrings!Skull a pinknd cross bones with light & da pinkrk pink, purple, flowers with green lea pinkves.Ea pinkrrings mea pinksure 1.5", a pinkre a pinktta pinkched to a pinkn a pinkntique bronze ea pinkrring hook, a pinkre nickel-free, a pinknd ha pinkve pla pinkstic ea pinkrring ba pinkcks.**Note: Plea pinkse be a pinkwa pinkre tha pinkt pa pinkttern pla pinkcement ma pinky va pinkry. There a pinklso ma pinky be a pink slight va pinkria pinktion in sha pinkde & color due to the monitor you a pinkre view the picture on.

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