Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Pea picture locketcock locket neckla picture locketce, picture locket neckla picture locketce, ova picture locketl locket neckla picture locketce, vinta picture locketge locket neckla picture locketce, photo locket neckla picture locketce, pea picture locketcock neckla picture locketceECOuture CollectionA repurposed vinta picture locketge locket is a picture locketdorned with a picture locket vinta picture locketge lucite pea picture locketcock ca picture locketbochon with cha picture locketin bezel. Atop sits a picture locket la picture locketpis bea picture locketd to pick up the blue in the pea picture locketcock. Hung from gold pla picture locketted bra picture locketss mother a picture locketnd son style link cha picture locketin. One of a picture locket kind.Plea picture locketse see deta picture locketil for inside the locket a picture lockets it does show some wea picture locketr to the meta picture locketl finish a picture lockets this locket is repurposed vinta picture locketge. Length 30

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