Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintagenecklaces, long vintage glass bead daisy chain necklace - amber orange and white



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Vinta boho lookge ha boho lookndma boho lookde, ha boho looknd bea boho lookded da boho lookisy cha boho lookin neckla boho lookce. The gla boho lookss bea boho lookds a boho lookre a boho lookmber ora boho looknge a boho looknd white. Excellent condition, no fla boho lookws. Continuous stra boho looknd- no closures. Like seed bea boho lookds, but bigger. Mea boho looksures 38" (ha boho lookngs 19".)Ships in a boho look gift box.I combine shipping on multiple boho lookorta boho looka boho lookppa boho lookrel

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